My dog has pancreatitis, can I feed it 4Legs?


Pancreatitis refers to a condition where the pancreas becomes inflamed or swollen. It can affect any dog, however some breeds can be more susceptible. 

Unfortunately, there are no 4Legs products that have been formulated to be suitable for dogs with a disease like pancreatitis.

Dogs with this condition require a diet that is low in fat, less than 10% on a "dry matter" basis* - this level of fat is lower than the recommended amount for a normal, healthy dog.

4Legs All Natural minimum crude fat levels (calculated on dry matter basis) are 25%. 

4Legs Kangaroo Lite has a minimum crude fat level (calculated on dry matter basis) is 21.8%

Kangaroo Lite has been designed to provide extra support for a number of health issues, however it is not formulated to be suitable for dogs with pancreatitis. Likewise, 4Legs All Natural varieties are designed to provide a nutritious, balanced meal for healthy, active dogs.

We understand that it can be difficult to prepare meals for dogs with this illness and we suggest working with your vet to find a diet solution that is appropriate for you pet.


*Dry matter basis refers to content by weight once water has been removed from the food) 


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