I can't find 4Legs in store


We are currently in the process of making some exciting upgrades to our 4Legs Natural range! 

Our updated range will be rolling out into supermarkets during September. During this rollover period it may be difficult to find your 4Legs products in store.

Please be assured 4Legs products are still available and contact our helpdesk for ranging updates in your local area.

Our 4Legs Natural range has been updated and is now the 4Legs Natural +Wellness range. Our new and improved range has been created to help your dog live a longer, healthier and happier life.

Our updated range is the same price and quality, but with the added benefit of ProAge Wellness Boost - a natural blend of botanicals clinically proven to support wellbeing and vitality at every life stage. Find out more about the 4Legs Natural +Wellness range


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