The outside of my roll has a green/grey tinge! Is this normal?


Sometimes customers notice a grey/green discolouration on our rolls. We want to ensure you that this discolouration is not in any way dangerous or harmful to your pets. It is the result of our cooking process and the vitamin and mineral premix we add to our food to ensure it is complete and balanced.

Our cooking process
When meat is cooked, the outside of the meat is exposed to oxygen and high heat, this oxidation causes the colour to change from red/pink to brown/grey.

The higher the temperature, the greater the degree of oxidation. If the meat is cooked for long enough, the colour change will be seen throughout the meat, however it will occur faster on the outer layer, where the greatest degree of heat and oxygen are present.

Think of cooking a rare steak; the outside of the meat is grey/brown and the inside is pink/red.

Vitamins play a role
In addition to oxidation, the meat also undergoes a reaction with the vitamin and mineral premix we add to our food to ensure it is a complete and balanced meal for your pet.

The green tinge can be attributed specifically to the oxidation of the copper present in the premix.

We know that the green discolouration does not occur if our vitamin and mineral mix is not added.

4Legs is natural
We find that the level of intensity and occurrence on the discolouration varies from batch to batch due to the natural variation in our raw materials.

We could add colour-fixing nitrite preservatives to our rolls to ensure the meat always appears pink after cooking. Likewise, we could disguise this discolouration by adding colours to our product. However, we believe in creating a natural, fresh product free from preservatives, colouring or additives.

At 4Legs we create food that provides your pets with a high quality, wholesome and nutritional alternative to overly processed pet foods.

We are continually working to improve our production and quality control processes. If you are ever dissatisfied with our products, we are always happy to provide you with a full refund. Please contact our Customer Service Team via


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